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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sweet Memories

On a beautiful spring day my friend and I decided we needed a real “girly girl” day.  We headed for a tea room Sue had heard about on a recent flight to Fla.  She didn’t remember the name of it.  She didn’t remember where it was.  She thought she remembered the person telling her it was in Macungie, so we decided we would just drive there and look around.  We giggled and laughed and didn’t really care where we ended up.  We were making sweet memories, the kind you make when a friend celebrates a special victory with you.
When we couldn’t find any tea rooms in Macungie, we decided to try the Blue Butterfly Tea Room in Emmaus.  But when we pulled into the parking lot we found it closed on Tuesdays.  We certainly weren’t getting too far.  By now it was well past noon and we were both pretty hungry.  Undaunted, we said to ourselves, “Let’s drive into town a little bit farther and see what there is.”  We were on an adventure!
Emmaus is a quaint little town with tiny shops and beautiful old buildings.  We loved the feel of it and enjoyed looking at the architecture.  Sue was driving and I said “Hey!  There is a little gift shop with a bunch of ladies going into it.  I wonder if that is a tea room?”  With that, she turned the car around and we looked for a parking place.  Eureka!  We found the tea room we were originally looking for.  And the name of it was Sweet Memories.

I must say, the name of the place is very fitting as one can certainly make sweet memories with your friends at such a lovely place.  We found it delightful!  The rooms are tiny and cozy with unique decorations to fit each season.  It is housed in one of those beautiful antique buildings that adorn the town.  As hungry as we were, we were immediately mesmerized by the myriad of items on display for purchase.  And since I am a tea buff, my eyes drank in the vast display of tea and tea implements for purchase.  I made a mental note of which shelf I would explore when we were done eating.

We each chose the same things from the menu: a spinach salad with strawberries, onions, and diced nuts; and a veggie burrito with mushrooms, peppers, and squash, topped with sour cream.  They were soooo delicious.  We could tell everything was fresh and top quality.  We giggled as we thought about how much are husbands would dislike the menu and how much we absolutely loved it!  (My husband is a McDonald’s man.).
 We sat right next to a large glassed case full of the most scrumptious desserts you ever saw.  All were home made by the owners.  As diners finished their lunches they came up to view the desserts in the case to make their selections.  It was hard to choose, but chocolate usually wins, hands down, for me.  We both decided to try the chocolate toffee cake with cream icing.  Yum!  A thousand times, YUM!  It was so moist and chocolaty and had these wonderful little toffee chips between the layers.  Not chips as in chocolate chips, but real candy toffee chipped into little pieces…way better!  And, the icing tasted like real cream and wasn’t that overly sickening sweet type, which I usually pick off of a cake.  It was light and fluffy and just right.
I asked for permission to take a few photos so I could show my on line friends what a great place this is.  I know as you view these pics you will surely be picking up the phone to make a reservation.  You can reach them by phone at 610-967-0296.  Their address is 180 Main Street, Emmaus, Pa.  They are closed on Mondays.  You can view their page on facebook at Sweet Memories, Emmaus PA.

I made sweet memories with a friend that day.  We were celebrating a victory.  I am a cancer survivor.  I finished radiation and I am moving on.  I thank God for such a special, sweet day and for all the precious friends He has given me.  I am truly blessed.      



This bunny is dancing on the desserts and saying "Happy Easter"!