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"If you look the right way you can see that the whole world is a garden." from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Story by Aiden

I have the joy of sharing with you a story written by my 8 year old grandson (His Mommy helped him by editing and embellishing the story a little bit.  But this is his story line.)

Once upon a time, Ramsey saw a squirrel through the back door
window. Sammy was too small to see out the window, but she sensed
Ramsey's excitement and knew that SOMETHING was up. Mamma decided to
let both dogs out before they drove her nuts. As soon as she opened
the door, both dogs bolted out the door. In his impatience, Ramsey
almost bolted THROUGH the door, but since brick walls don't even seem
to register with him, this fact is of little importance.

The squirrel scurried up the tree and Ramsey tried to bark him down.
This had never worked before, but you never knew when barking COULD knock a squirrel out of a tree.!!!  The squirrel actually DID fall out of the tree. Imagine that! Sammy, the fast one, almost caught it, but...she didn't. She ran as fast as she could in order to get it, but...she still wasn't fast enough for a squirrel. Besides, Ramsey, the "big oaf", was all beside himself wondering which way to go and what to do and bowled Sammy over during this strenuous thinking process. Sammy was disgusted and embarrased. The squirrel had gotten away and she was left lying in the yard with all four legs up in the air. Her attempt at being the Mighty Super Hunter had been destroyed. Ramsey just stood there looking around wondering what had just happened. And Sammy was wondering, again, how Ramsey had been chosen to become a part of this family to begin with. The household was made up of all relativly smart people... except for one big yellar dog! Had anyone SEEN this rediculous escapade? Sammy looked around sheepishly. There was a dog being walked down the hill on Walker Drive, but he wasn't looking their way. Whew! Besides, the Leyland Cypress that surrounded the property had grown in quite a bit since last year and had the fortunate tendancy to sheild such distressing displays. Sammy knew that she couldn't be mad at Ramsey for long. He couldn't help the fact that he was....ummm... a little short on marbles. (He is actually downright dumb, but we are trying to be polite in this story.) Besides, he had already forgotten about the squirrel. He had decided that the chase had made him tired and he was taking a nap. In his dreams, HE was the Mighty Super Hunter and he DID get the squirrel.  And he evern gave the whole thing to Sammy who decided to roll in it so that EVERYONE would know about their hunting adventure by the smell of her new perfume. However, Mamma was NOT happy about Sammy's new perfume! Humans do NOT like "Essence of Dead Squirrel". And so, to Sammy's great embarrasment for the second time in one day, she was plunked into the basement sink straight away and tortured by a rather vulgar dousing of Suave "Sweet Pea" shampoo! How much lower could a dog's day get?! Why couldn't it be Ramsey who got the bath? He LOVED baths for some strange reason, but then, he WAS missing some marbles... And then, all of a sudden, the sound of Pappa's truck turning into the driveway made both dogs jump up. Their dreams were blown away as quickly as dandelion dust in the wind as thoughts of supper suddenly took the place of any previous memories. Such is the life of a dog!

Ramsey - the yellar dog

Pop Pop holding Sammy.