A Favorite Quote

"If you look the right way you can see that the whole world is a garden." from The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Speaking Topics

A few of Pat's Current Topics:
Biblical Gardens:  Rooted In Faith.    A power point presentation on various plants and gardens mentioned in the Bible. These plants and gardens can cause seeds of inspiration to grow in the garden of your heart and life. (50 to 60 minutes)
Revelation of a Love Story.  From the Old Testament book of Ruth. Who did Ruth meet in a barley field?  How did she come to find the true love that only God can give? (45 to 55 minutes)  This story can be lengthened and split into two 1/2 hour sessions.
Fringe Benefits.   Learn about the origin of the fringes on the Jewish prayer shawl (The Talit). Did Jesus wear fringes?  What purpose did they serve?  Hear the story of 2 people who received fringe benefits from Jesus.  How do these stories relate to our lives in the world today? (About 40 to 50 minutes.)
The Perfect Cup of Tea:  Have a tea tasting party, try different varieties of tea, and hear stories from a tea cup collection.  There is a spiritual emphasis as the stories conclude.

What people are saying:


Pat is part of a teaching team in my Ladies Sunday School Class.  It is always a pleasure and privilege to benefit from her exceptional talents.  Her deep love of the Lord and His Word is evident in the passion she has for sharing her considerable knowledge.  I have also attended several events where she was the guest speaker and can testify that everyone in the audience was moved and motivated by her wonderful presentations.  She would be an excellent choice for any church group or organization looking for a speaker that will bless, refresh, and encourage those she ministers to.  I highly recommend her!

Rosemary Barrell, Reading, PA.


     Pat uses experiences and interests from her life journey to captivate listeners and personalize her presentations as she communicates the power and faithfulness of our God.  She is ever striving to share her scripturally focused messages with those in need of the hope, encouragement, or even just the blessing, that she herself has received over many years in her daily walk with the Lord.

Linda Przybysz, Boyertown, PA