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Monday, July 26, 2010

A trip to the Scottish Highlands

     My family background includes ancestors with Celtic origins.  Great grandfather was from the beautiful Emerald Isle and Great grandmother was from Scotland.  No one knows how they met so many years ago but it is sometimes fun to dream about.  I think about visiting those lands.  I would love to view some gardens over there.
    The closest I could come to visiting Scotland, so far, was in the dream world created by Jennifer Hudson Taylor in her new book "Highland Blessings".  Through her story, I could envision riding on horseback across the moores and wearing the plaid of my great grandmother's clan.
     This was an entertaining book that takes the reader into the days of yesteryear when clan fought against clan.  The author weaves into her story how God can work in every situation even in our human frailties.  If you go to her web site you can view the trailer for the book.  It was actually the trailer that drew me into a desire to enter that land of "Highland Blessings".  This book is published by Abingdon Press.

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